Truckers Weight Loss Challenge

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We wanted to let you know that we offer the best services in the world. We have a lot of fun here, which means everyone is happy. And we cost less than the other guys. Ask us how you can write this coffee off on your taxes.  There is also a way to get your coffee free every month (this information is in our product section above)!  
Trucker's Weight Loss Challenge ® , Dandridge, TN 37725
   Trade 1-2 cups of your coffee for ours daily (or tea) and lose weight, reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.  This product also helps with inflammation and other health issues!
The secret to the success of this program is the ease for anyone with a busy lifestyle.  We have been seeking something that is easy and will give you results on many levels, this is it!  If you see no results, simply return what you have not used and we will refund 100% of your money!  You have nothing to lose but additional fat and poor health!
Our Truckers challenge originally focused on weight loss. We were giving prizes and money to encourage drivers to join the original challenge.  The problem that most drivers encountered was that our original product was not "easy" for the average truck driver.  Any truck driver diet HAS to be easy for the driver...period!  

The product had to be taken prior to the 2 largest meals (typically lunch and dinner).  This can cause confusion when you are running hard and don't have a 3 meal day or even 2 meal day.  Many drivers found they were "stocking up" on the product because they were forgetting to take it or were not eating consistently enough to take it 2 times a day.  Because it was a change in habit many drivers just could not adapt and found themselves quitting the program.  We continued to try to encourage our group of drivers and some were able to follow the program with great success.  We were focused on finding an alternative to help the average truck driver.  We had to figure out another option and fast.  Fast forward a year and half later and we finally have the perfect solution for truck drivers to lose weight and get off many of their medications too (with their doctors care of course)!